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STOP - Please read below prior to installation!

Our units are 100% tested and functional.
Failure to follow proper diagnoses, troubleshooting and installation can DAMAGE the module and VOID WARRANTY

General Installation Instructions

How to install - Module Installation Instructions

GM Installation and Relearn Instructions

GM - Key Install and Relearn Instructions
GM Crankshaft Variation Relearn Instructions (CASE)

Troubleshooting Guides

AC_R001 - ECMs Rarely Fail by Themselves
AC_R002 - Shorted Sensors Cause Problems
AC_R003 - Resistance in ECM Ground Circuit
AC_R004 - Restore Drivability
AC_R005 - Battery Not Charging
AC_R006 - Step Test

Ford / Lincoln / Mercury Key and Security Identification relearn Instructions

PATS Chart
A & D Type PATS
B, C, F & G Type PATS
Ford PATS 2009 and newer

Mazda PATS Relearn

Mazda PATS relearn

Toyota/Lexus/Scion Installation Instructions

General Installation
OBD-II Reset Tool Installation

SKIM removal

SKIM Delete install instructions

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