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1L5A-12A650-BEC - 2002 Mazda B4000 4.0L Engine Computer w/ Keys ECM PCM ECU Programmed & Flashed - MP2-112

1L5A-12A650-BEC - 2002 Mazda B4000 4.0L Engine Computer w/ Keys ECM PCM ECU - MP2-112
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Exact fit for:
Engine Size:4.0L
Part Number:1L5A-12A650-BEC
Hardware Number:MP2-112
Other Partnum:1L5Z-12A650-BEC
Additional Partnum:1F49-18-881
  • Plug & Play
  • VIN Programmed
  • Lifetime Warranty
Replacement OEM Engine Computer w/ Keys (PCM,ECM,ECU) for a 2002 Mazda B4000
All modules are VIN programmed, flashed and updated with the latest dealer software to improve drivability and fuel mileage.

ACR remanufactured units come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty (Made in the USA)

Expedited shipping options available

Free Shipping to the lower 48 states

No core required with purchase

How This Works:
Simple. Your module will be VIN programmed specifically to your vehicle for a "Plug & Play" Hassle-Free Installation allowing you to avoid heavy dealer cost and fees. If your vehicle is equipped with Ford PATS Security (Passive Anti-Theft System) you will receive 2 pre-programmed keys with key codes. Just take the keys to your local hardware store and have them cut to your original key. PCM & keys will be Plug and Play.

Compatible Part Numbers for this Module:
1L2F-12A650-ABD, 1U7A-12A650-CMA, 1U7A-12A650-CMB, 2L2A-12A650-BB, 2L2A-12A650-BC, 3L2A-12A650-CA, 3L2A-12A650-CB, 3L2A-12A650-CA, 3L2A-12A650-CB, 3L2A-12A650-CB, 1L5A-12A650-BAB, 1L5A-12A650-BAC, 1L5A-12A650-BCB, 1L5A-12A650-BCC, 1L5A-12A650-BEB, 1L5A-12A650-BEC, 1U7A-12A650-FNA, 1U7A-12A650-FPA, 1U7A-12A650-FRA, 3L5A-12A650-ACA, 3L5A-12A650-ACB, 3L5A-12A650-ADB, 3L5A-12A650-ADA, 3L5A-12A650-AEA, 3L5A-12A650-AEB, 3L5A-12A650-AGB, 3L5A-12A650-AHB, 3U7A-12A650-BBA, 3U7A-12A650-BCA, 3L5A-12A650-ACA, 3L5A-12A650-ACB, 3L5A-12A650-ADA, 3L5A-12A650-ADB, 3L5A-12A650-AEB, 3L5A-12A650-AFB, 3L5A-12A650-AFC, 3L5A-12A650-AGB, 3L5A-12A650-AGC, 3L5A-12A650-AHB, 3L5A-12A650-AHC, 3U7A-12A650-BAA, 3U7A-12A650-BCA

Common Issues related to a faulty module:
  • Check Engine Light (CEL)
  • False Engine Codes
  • Engine Stalling or Misfiring
  • Engine Performance Issues
  • Car Not Starting
  • No injector Pulse
  • Charging Issues
  • Poor Fuel Economy
If your vehicle is equipped with Ford PATS Security (Passive Anti-Theft System) you may need to have your keys reprogrammed by a Locksmith or a Certified Mechanic. If your car does not have PATS Security system, your unit will be Plug and Play.

We provide step by step instructions in our TechTalk section.
All Items undergo remanufacturing, vehicle specific programming and testing on a per order basis. Processing time is 1-3 Full business days (Mon-Fri, excluding Holidays). Orders received after 2pm EST will begin processing the following business day. Parts are shipped in the order they are received with the shipping service selected during checkout. Tracking information will be sent via email at the time of shipment readiness.

We accept returns as long as the part is in its original condition. Returns must be mailed within 14 calendar days from original delivery. All approved returns will be initiated in the form of a refund to the original form of payment. There will be a 30% restocking fee to cover vehicle specific programming & testing and all shipping charges will be deducted. (Free shipping charges are $18.99 each). Refund deposits take 4-6 business days. Full refund will be issued for cancellations prior to shipment only.
We offer a standard Lifetime warranty on all computers purchased through this site. Some listings require your core to be returned to activate said warranty within 14 days whereas a return label will be provided. Failure to return the core if required will result in loss of warranty and you will be subject to a core charge.

This warranty does not cover parts that fail due to abuse, misuse, neglect, alteration, impact, or accident. All Computer Resources, Inc. reserves the right to deny warranty coverage if the company deems that it is not responsible for damages. Please see our tech talk bulletins for proper installation and diagnoses. Automotive modules can be damaged by various electrical faults during and after installation which will not be covered

All units are fully tested for functionality prior to shipment.

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